I’m just a dad who desires to help others by passing along what he has/is learning as he explores the challenges, the joys, and the importance of being an intentionally present dad, every day.

Jared Meade

From an early age, it was always a dream of mine to grow up and be a dad. I believed then, as I believe now, that fatherhood is one of the greatest gifts God could give any man.

While growing up, similar to many men, my relationship with my father was not a particularly close one. While my dad loved me, was physically present and a good provider, I never felt as if he was intentional in his desire to connect.

When I became an adult I promised myself that if God blessed me with children, I would do things differently. Now as a dad I am determined to learn as much as I can and to be intentional in my relationship with my son.

As I pursue what it means to be an “every day” dad from a Christian perspective, I hope to pass along what I learn. In doing so, it is my prayer, that I can help other dads grow closer to God, to their children and to build a lasting legacy for their family.