Dad Tired
A community of Christian men that exists to see the hearts of men changed by pointing them to Jesus, not behavior modification.

The Intentional Legacy
David McAlvany is a well-respected thought leader on the global economy and author of The Intentional Legacy, his thoughtful memoir and musings on the power of legacy, and what it means to create a meaningful family culture.

All Pro Dad
All Pro Dad is on a mission to help you love and lead your family well. Be a hero to your kids.

For the Family
Training Families. Transforming the World.

The Art of Manliness
A blog dedicated to uncovering the lost art of being a man.

The Good Dad Project
The Good Dad Project is a strong community of Fathers who all share a set of values. Tackling the world of Fatherhood can be a daunting task when we try to do it alone. The mission of The Good Dad Project is to help you become the best, strongest, and happiest version of yourself so that you can help guide your kids to the best version of themselves. Simple as that.


Healing the Masculine Soul
Gordon Dalbey’s refreshing, comprehensive picture of God’s design for the masculine soul dares men to be as God created them to be – not as society demands. Dalbey tackles the tough issues, including work, sexuality, marriage, and fatherhood.

Rules for a Knight
From Ethan Hawke, four-time Academy Award nominee—twice for writing and twice for acting—an unforgettable fable about a father’s journey and a timeless guide to life’s many questions.

Play the Man: Becoming the Man God Created You to Be
In this inspiring call to something greater, Mark Batterson helps men understand what it means to be a man of God by unveiling seven virtues of manhood. Mark shares inspiring stories of manhood, including the true story of the hero and martyr Polycarp, who first heard the voice from heaven say, “Play the man.” Mark couples those stories with practical ideas about how to disciple the next generation of men.

Dynamic Dads
Pettit challenges men to lead their families with purpose, integrity, and involvement and offers practical ideas and strategies for doing so. Dynamic Dads proves that fathers can create a powerful legacy that will live on through future generations when they really know, encourage, and support their kids–and live lives of vulnerable authenticity before them.

Stop Behaving
As men, we are constantly being told to manage our behavior. Take your wife on a date. Stop looking at porn. Spend less time at work. Behavior management is exhausting. We need something more. Something deeper. You don’t just need changed behavior. You need a changed heart. And only Jesus can do that. In this 4-week devotional, you’ll be encouraged to join a couple of friends to talk about the realities of marriage, fatherhood, work, and how the Gospel affects it all.